2023 Festival Event

photo of JL by Cammie Toloui

Leo McKinstry and Joshua Levine

Leo McKinstry and Joshua Levine debate the heroes of World War II.  Leo McKinstry argues for an unknown and overlooked maritime wing of the RAF, nicknamed the Cinderella Service.  He reveals the Cinderella Boys as the unsung heroes of the Battle of the Atlantic.  In contrast, Joshua Levine discusses the infamous SAS.  A small band of soldiers who pioneered a radical new form of warfare by running small-scale but devastating raids behind enemy lines. 

Leo McKinstry and Joshua Levine are both highly successful authors.  Leo McKinstry has published twelve non-fiction titles and is a leading national journalist.  Joshua Levine has written seven best-selling history books and worked as the historical advisor on the 2017 film Dunkirk.  

Leo McKinstry - Cinderella Boys
Joshua Levine - SAS

Other events

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